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Tension Blaster Workout Series

Up until now, only a few athletes have been able to access true Mental Toughness. Now, for the first time, Riley Holland, Head Coach of Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) has teamed up with Quinn Casey, Mixed Martial Artist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, to show you never-before-seen exercises that practically guarantee a massive leap in mental toughness and overall dominance…the Tension Blaster Workouts are the missing piece of any well-rounded training program.

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Pillars of Mental Toughness

We Used to Take Groups of Mental Toughness Warriors through an Extreme Initiation into the Deep End of Mental Toughness Training with an Intensive Group Coaching Program Called The Pillars of Mental Toughness. Now, for the First Time, We’re Releasing All of the Materials of the Pillars of Mental Toughness Course, Perfected and Tested through Those Intensives, for You to Initiate Yourself Into the Hardcore Mental Toughness Training Techniques Previously Only Available to the Very Few.

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Private Coaching Package

I do most of my private coaching sessions on Skype, for clients all over the world. This makes it possible for me to work with people who would otherwise have to travel to see me, and allows clients to work with me in the comfort of their own home.

Sessions usually last around 90 minutes, and don’t require any new equipment.

You can purchase a 4 session coaching package here.


“The Secret Science of Mindset” Ebook

What would your life be like with an invincible mindset? Imagine being able to stay calm and dominant, relaxed and in control, no matter how stressful the situation. That’s what this ebook gives you: a scientific method for training your brain to get the primal power of a beast and the relaxed focus of a Zen master. Think of it as the manual for transforming your own nervous system for maximum mental toughness and peak performance, in all areas of life.

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NRW Coaches Training

Intensive private coaches training for those interested in becoming NRW coaches. This is a very limited and selective program, which begins with a private interview and application, and includes several months of in-person training.

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What Is NRW?

Whatever your sport or skill level, Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) can improve your game and life dramatically by blasting your tensions and releasing the primal energies within. If you're looking to improve your mental toughness, competition readiness, focus, motivation, and turn your nerves into confidence, NRW can help.


Riley Holland

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Who Is Riley Holland?

footerRiley Holland is the world’s leading expert in Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW), and is recognized as an authority on the mental game by athletes and sports psychologists alike. He has studied a wide variety of methods, both ancient and modern, for relieving stress and tension and increasing mental toughness. Now he coaches and teaches NRW, which he has found to be the ultimate method of mental training. Read More...