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NRW has been a life changer for me. It takes the thinking out of performing and doing things that are challenging in life. There’s lots of positive thinking strategies out there that attempt to do the same thing, but NRW is different. It brings you back to the calm and strong version of yourself that you may have lost touch with. It is a deep and thorough release and relaxation that creates the best version of yourself. Take the leap and step forth. I swear by it and it will be part of my readiness routine from here on out. It’s like a secret weapon. Also looking forward to getting deeper into the release.

-Ryan A.


“I am getting incredible results doing NRW, stripping away those layers of chronic tension. I have WAY less anxiety and when it does rise, I have control of it simply by belly breathing, checking in with mostly my shoulders, etc. Thanks for what you do. I am so glad that you have taken the mumbo jumbo out of healthy breathing exercises by bringing them into the sports community. Thanks for your science based approach.”

-Kelly B.


“Self-criticism and doubt and fear are no longer elements in my life. NRW has dissolved those barriers. And it didn’t take very long to do that. It’s a system that gets you from A to B. It’s very direct, and it exists that way because it works.”

-Ryan D., Martial Artist and Personal Fitness Trainer


“Riley is the real deal when it comes to training your mind for performance. I’ve been using his ‘Tension Blaster Workouts’ now a few times a week and have been seeing some amazing results. As a coach, this is something I will definitely have my own athletes doing for improved performance. This is seriously some next level stuff.”

-Travis Stoetzel, Strength and Conditioning Coach, TravisStoetzel.com


“Neuromuscular Release Work has proven to me to be a shining gem of real systematic psychosomatic liberation. It is certainly WORK but it gets more and more fun and deeply rewarding. My thoughts are more clear, decisions easier to make, I feel at home with my body, comfortable in my own skin, even when there is discomfort which requires a change or action to be accepted and made. Creative spontaneity arises without a hindering thought when the mind and body is naturally vulnerable as a result of this work. Additionally my workouts are increasingly energized and powerful as some people took notice and wondered what I was on. There’s far too much crap that many people will try to sell as diamonds today and I don’t want you to believe me, but really take more than just a look at this because this is the real deal regardless of who or what you believe in.”

-Kevin, Princeton, N.J.


“This is one of the most powerful self healing, self transformation methods that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve tried every practice I could find over the years to unlock my own inner genius, heal my body, mind, and spirit, bring all that together–whatever you want. I’ve done yoga, meditation, hypnosis, all different kinds of body work, years of Kung Fu practice, even ayahuasca shamanism. But in the end, what Riley teaches is the practice I’ve chosen as my daily bread and butter, and I think that says it all. In fact, Riley is my personal coach. We meet twice a month on Skype, we have a one-on-one coaching session, and at the end of each session, I’m so excited, I feel like a little kid in a candy store. What Riley taught me helped me achieve a few very interesting breakthroughs in my own Wing Chun Kung Fu practice.”

-Robert Grossman, Founder, Wellness Prosperity Systems


“I have tried many different modalities to help release the chronic body tension I felt and the accompanying mental fuzziness. This summer in early July I went to Portland, Oregon to visit Riley Holland after doing some of the exercises I learned from him on youtube. I had some positive results and had a strong feeling it would help. I have been on the verge but never had any cathartic releases I heard about where the body releases long-held emotions.

However, in working with Riley, I actually found my body involuntarily shaking and felt jolts of electricity releasing from my body regardless of my tendency to want to shut myself down and protect myself from feeling. After spending some time with him, I felt a greater sense of aliveness, and understood that I just started the process. However, I was excited with the results and thought it would be great to have him visit and hold a seminar for people that were feeling struck and frustrated or want to explore more possibilities in life.

It’s very straightforward: we have stress stuck in our bodies, and our body wants to release it. NRW helps that process. So for any athlete, if they do a couple exercises a day, they’re going to see results.”

-Marc Jacobs, Sports Psychologist and Owner, Hillcrest Racquet Club


“Working with these techniques freed me from mountains of anxiety and fear I was holding onto. They were doing me no good. I realized that fear and anxiety exist as tension. As the layers of tension melted away so did the anxiety and fear. I went from feeling anxious and scared to feeling really incredible and grateful for everything. As the nervous system relaxes more and more EVERYTHING in life becomes miraculous – and gratitude, is now all ways, always there.”

-Dave V, Pittsburgh, PA


After having begun doing the exercises, I noticed more and more effects after the first few days. For example, yesterday I was driving and had some INTENSE body rushes of euphoria, and confidence. I felt like a king.”

-Jacob R.


“NRW has rewritten my understanding of the human body, and what it’s capable of, many times over. It helps me break through limiting beliefs and labels about myself, freeing me up to follow my inspiration. Thanks to NRW, I now look forward to facing my fears. Rather than being completely paralysed by fear, I’m genuinely grateful for the experience, and excited to be having the adventure.”

-Andrew B., Essex, U.K.


“A couple years ago I had an MMA cage fight. I was super nervous, as anybody would be before a cage fight. I started doing NRW every time I would get one of those little panic attacks. It really helped dissolve that anxious energy. It was interested because I couldn’t just tell myself to calm down, but once I started going through the exercises, my nervous system just naturally responded to them and calmed down. I feel like it really kept me from going totally insane before that fight. NRW helped increase my own sensitivity overall, it’s made me a lot more aware of my own body, which has expanded my awareness of Jiu Jitsu and martial arts. I really think it’s the hidden component.”

-Quinn Casey, MMA fighter and Jiu Jitsu coach 


“NRW really benefits me. I feel better, I can relax during lifts.There’s more energy coming to me when I get into the gym. It’ll help you focus, it’ll help you get in the Zone.”

-Mark S., Competitor Power Lifter and Kettlebell Lifter, Alberta, Canada


“Doing the breathing, doing the muscular work, I started really experiencing things immediately. New things were happening in my brain, the energy being released in this uncontrollable way. It’s a real exploration. It’s a real adventure.”

-Sam V., Wilderness Guide and Survival Expert, Portland, OR


“Riley and I worked together on the NRW sessions at Ojai, CA. The effects were far more permanent than I ever imagined, and I came out packed with energy. It synergized with my detox, body awareness, and mental flexibility exercises. I’d work with him again if I had the chance.”

-Jon R., San Francisco, CA


“Yesterday & this morning, I got up late & couldn’t do the exercises before I got to work. I didn’t feel as clear headed as I did when I do the exercises, so I went to the bathroom, locked myself in a stall, & did the face exercises for 5 mins. Then I went to the parking lot, hid behind a tree, & did the shoulder & breathing exercises. Those face exercises make me feel like I stole Fedor Emilianenko’s game face. It really brings out your inner badass stone-faced Russian assassin.”

-Guillermo H.


“Staying grounded helped the jitters quite a bit. Becoming aware and smoothing out the jitters was great. As far as awareness and maintaining calm it was about the same as the first tourney this year, difference: this one was 3 times as big.”

-John D., Knoxville, Tennessee


“Riley’s sharp presence forces me to continuously polish my game, be more honest with myself, and remember to flow more smoothly through every situation in my life. Without getting into too many raucous details, Riley’s high levels of awareness and attention helped me to tap into my own deep reserves of creative invincibility. Riley communicates clearly, listens deeply, and genuinely cares about the few brave souls lucky enough to work with him.”

-Garrett Daun, cofounder, Command Z


“Two years ago I hit a wall in my Jiu Jitsu practice (and the rest of my life, for that matter). I was becoming sick and run down for days after training. I was convinced that my CNS, due to my genetics and life history, was too sensitive for me to compete at a high of level Jiu Jitsu at just 30 years old. Over a year, I watched my body gradually shrivel away from life. I was doing yoga, eating well and working out, but for some reason whenever my heart rate went up my body was convinced that it was in severe danger, dumping me with an overload of cortisol and who knows what else.

My self-perception and experience of the world as result of this were rather pathetic. I felt and acted like a sack of shit. Fortunately for my present day self, there was an ounce of will left in my tank. I could feel how slippery the slope was; there was no way I was going to continue to shut down from life and become all that I distaste—I refused to. I made a choice, a choice that included the stipulation to never look back, ever. Here’s what I decided to do: I decided to join a Jiu Jitsu club. The club with the most high level big ‘n’ scary guys. And for every class I attend, I would do a session of NRW.  Starting that moment.

At my first Jiu Jitsu class at the new club they put me up against an MMA fighter with a record of 13-2—a true dragon at the primordial gates.  I went three 5-minute rounds with this guy.  I did OK grappling but I left the gym with my body shaking and buzzing horribly. I was sick for 4-5 days afterwards. I did manage, despite feeling like garbage, to get in my NRW sessions, as well as stretch my face 3 times each day. The next week I was back at the gym for a less intense workout, and again, sick for 3-4 days.

Slowly but surely my performance did improve over a tiresome 6 months.  Train, get sick; train, get sick; while NRW and watching my breath twice a week. It was about this time that I had a bit of a eureka moment while listening to an NRW podcast. I realized that the “Sense ‘n’ Feel” exercise can be brought with me EVERYWHERE. I began to apply this to my day to day life.  It was then that progress in my Jiu Jitsu and creative/personal life truly began to accelerate. I began to detach from the belief about my bodies limitations by simply sensing and feeling my body’s stresses aloud or in my head, and it worked. Not instantly, but gradually.

I now bring the NRW with me everywhere I go.  And the more I do it, the more I actually want and choose to do it. It’s crazy: What used to be a pain in the ass is now a fun way to pass time—well, most of the time.  Since my NRW revelation and application in my day to day life, I have earned my purple belt in Jiu Jitsu and have challenged myself in competition numerous times. I am now a handful for anybody on the mat, and I look forward to achieving my black belt in the future.”

-Lance L., Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, Vancouver B.C.


“If you want to improve yourself but ‘gurus’ and fluffy marshmallows made of ‘woo’ are too cloying for your palette, go hang out with Riley of NRW.”

-Mark Joyner, Founder and CEO, Construct Zero and Simpleology.com





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Whatever your sport or skill level, Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) can improve your game and life dramatically by blasting your tensions and releasing the primal energies within. If you're looking to improve your mental toughness, competition readiness, focus, motivation, and turn your nerves into confidence, NRW can help.


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