You Gotta WANT It

My old High School football coach had some memorable quotes.

Some of em…not so positive.

I remember him yelling at us in the locker room: “No matter how good you are, you’re all replaceable.”

Or telling us, “The more negative energy you have, the better football player you’re gonna be.”

He was like an alcoholic Darth Vader.

And I learned much from his Sith ways.

But some of the most useful things he said, I barely even noticed. To my young mind, they just seemed obvious.

Later, I’ve realized they were true gems.

One of them had to do with repetition: if you want to get good at anything, you just gotta repeat it over and over again.

That’s not sexy advice.

But hey–it WORKS.

He told us something else before every game. After we had practiced all week, and gotten as ready as we were gonna be for the team we were playing, he’d drill this in:

“You gotta WANT it.”

Seemed obvious.

So obvious, it barely even registered.

But now I see its power.

Desire is the engine that drives everything. It weaves together the fabric of who you are.

It’s what is what helps you succeed when it’s focused properly. And it’s what leads you to ruin when it’s not.

My coach was an alcoholic. It got him in a lot of trouble, and eventually, fired. His desire was to get black-out drunk. He knew it wasn’t actually in his best interest. The primal force of his desire is working AGAINST him.

This is the problem of addiction. “Knowing better” doesn’t stand a chance against the raw force of desire.

“Wanting” is one of the most primal expressions of the life force. But if your life force is tied up in tensions, stress, and habits that channel it in destructive or useless directions, you’re sunk.

Meaning: you gotta want the right things.

So, I ask you…what do YOU want?

Do you WANT a real transformation? Do you WANT to be more dominant, confident, and powerful?

Or do you just want to roll over and press the snooze button on life?

Because before you can harness the raw, hyper-potent force of desire, and channel it toward positive, forceful, and constructive ends, you have to free it.

You have to liberate it from the patterns it’s been stuck in your whole life.


You gotta WANT it.

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