Power Naps of the Champions

There are plenty of reasons I look up to Royce Gracie.

For one, he was the guy who cleaned up on all the early UFCs, proving to the world the unbelievable power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

But what really amazes me is something I heard in an interview with him.

He said he was so relaxed about competing he’d be napping a couple hours before big fights.

Yes, napping.

His trainers would worriedly wake him up, trying to get him to warm up with them.

“Okay, okay,” he’d say. “I have nothing better to do.”


Meanwhile, flashback to me before a high school football game, racked with nerves and trying to visualize my way into confidence. I wasn’t taking any naps.

Part of Gracie’s confidence came from the fact that he possessed a truly superior technique, and most of the world didn’t know about it yet. Eventually he got beat, but for a while there no one could crack the code.

His dad, who taught Jiu Jitsu to all his sons, said he wished there was more serious competition for them in the world.

“But it’s not them that’s good,” he said. “It’s the art that’s good.”

And that, right there, is the secret. It’s the art that’s good.

If you have a proven technique, and you’ve mastered it, you don’t have to work yourself up into the right mindset. Mindset is irrelevant. You just get out of the way and trust your training.

The same goes for NRW. It’s the ultimate method of Mental Toughness training, because it doesn’t matter who’s doing it.

It’s the art that’s good.

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