Mental Toughness In a Head-On Collison

The good word from a Tension Blaster member, Tyler:

“I’ve just completed the 9 week Heavy Tension Blaster cycle and I have got to say that I’m impressed.

My anxiety has lessened a lot. For example I was almost in a head on collision with another car. In the past when something like would have happened I would feel a sharp pain in chest and my throat would get heavy.

But when we almost collided I didn’t feel anything, no fear or any sense of doom.

I notice now that sometimes I just feel upbeat and positive without even trying or requiring positive thinking.

Anyway though thanks for NRW. I think this something that everyone needs to be doing.”

I hear that last part a lot from people when they get started (after they get past the ‘wow’ phase of just realizing the stuff really works).

They often say something like Tyler did: “I think this is something everyone needs to be doing.”

And I agree (but of course I agree…)

I mean, if it can give you that kind of calm, focussed poise in the face of a head on collision with another car, imagine what it can do for you in competition. Or any situation where you have to perform and your life’s NOT at stake.

It’ll be a cakewalk.

Also, gotta love that he feels ‘upbeat and positive without even trying or requiring positive thinking.’

Cuz when you get going with this stuff, you realize, it’s not about trying. It’s about letting go and relaxing.

And then the magic just happens.

Of course, Tyler was working with the 9-week heavy cycle of the Tension Blaster Workouts (one of the schedules available as a bonus to Elite members.)

He worked for it.

He was consistent and persistent.

If you’re not willing to work a little for results like these, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Doesn’t matter how good the tool is if you don’t pick it up and use it.

But if you’ve got 15 or 20 minutes every couple days, you can get there too.

Anyone can.

Because this stuff is a science.

Meaning: It works.

Check it out here:

Tension Blaster Workout Series

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