LSD and Mental Toughness and No-Hitters…Oh My…

This is one of the craziest stories in sports history.

On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, took some LSD with his girlfriend. It was his day off.

Well, he thought it was his day off.

About an hour after they took the acid, Dock’s girlfriend opened the newspaper.

“Dock,” she yelped, spitting her coffee all over the breakfast table (probably). “You’re playing today!”

In five hours, he was supposed to pitch against the Padres in San Diego. He was in L.A.

The two sped to the airport, Dock got on a plane (you could just do that back then), and he arrived in San Diego at 4:30, in time for the game at 6:05.

And he pitched a no-hitter.

Dock said he only remembers bits and pieces of that game. Sometimes the ball seemed really big, sometimes really small; sometimes he saw the catcher, sometimes he didn’t. At one point he dove to avoid a non-existent line drive.

But somehow, in a situation that would throw almost anyone in a freak out of epic proportions, Dock Ellis was able to perform.

How in the hell did he do it?

Maybe he was just a natural. Maybe he was one of the rare breed who were born with high levels of Mental Toughness.

Or maybe there was something about the intensity of the situation that made him rise to the occasion.

But ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. Because with Mental Toughness, the real hero of the story is you. And the question is always, how can you get to those levels?

How would you react in such a crazy situation? Would you rise up to your highest potential, or would your head explode? And how can you prepare for the unexpected?

The less stress you carry around day to day, the more insanity you can handle without freaking out.

With low stress levels, even the craziest situation can come along, and instead of grinding you down, it’ll lift you up.

You’ll start to crave it.

Mental Toughness Warriors always do their best when everything’s on the line.

That’s the thrill. That’s the adventure.

The more you can handle, the more you long for it.

The risk.

The challenge.

Seeing what you’re made of.

That’s what it’s really about. Sure, winning’s nice. But it’s really all about the adventure.

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