Loosen Up, Stop Thinking, and Perform

Sometimes I get some flack for being so hard on the ‘positive thinking’ crowd.

Truth is, I don’t really have anything against positive thinking.

If I’m gonna have thoughts rattling around my skull, I figure they may as well be positive, goal-directed, achievement oriented, etc.

That’s all good.

It might even be helpful sometimes.

But it’s not enough.

It’s not enough to get you out of bed to go train. And it’s definitely not going to give you the nerves of steel you need to perform at your peak when the pressure’s on.

Look: when it comes to thinking, the choice isn’t between positive thinking and negative thinking.

The real difference is between thinking, and not thinking.

Why is that?

Thinking exists for one reason: to solve problems.

Your brain detects a problem, and comes up with a solution.

And how does your fancy brain know that there’s a problem?

Same way an alligator does: it gets scared.

There’s fear. There’s tension. Your brain gets the signal, “I’m hungry,” or “gosh, that thing looks like it’s going to eat me.”

If you’re a crocodile, you have a few solutions to any problem: get away from it, kill it, eat it, or make sweet crocodile love to it.

That’s the primitive response.

If you’re a walking, talking human being, you have a more sophisticated survival mechanism: you can think about your problems. (If you’re like most people, that’s all you do about them…but I digress…)

But thought is built on that primitive response.

It’s powered by that primitive response.

Unlike the crocodile, we always feel like we’re under attack.

We’re always trying to solve a problem, even when there isn’t a problem. (Which is most of the time.)

We’re always thinking because we’re always tense. We’re never totally relaxed.

That’s useful when you’re a vulnerable, soft-bellied human surrounded by predators.

Not so useful when you’re trying to perform at your peak.

To do that, you need to be calm.

You can’t be tense or reactive.

You gotta get loose.

Cuz when you’re loose, you’re not thinking at all.

You’re just doing.

You’re just performing.

Without resistance.

With total flow.

With True Mental Toughness.

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