I Know You Got Talent – It’s the Other Thing I Wonder About

I was watching the movie The Devil’s Advocate, and was struck by a perfect description of Mental Toughness.

Al Pacino is trying to seduce a small town lawyer from Florida to join his firm in New York.

Here’s what Pacino says:

“I know you got talent. It’s the other thing I wonder about. Pressure. Changes everything, pressure. Some people, you squeeze ’em, they focus. Others fold. Can you summon your talent at will? Can you deliver on a deadline? Do you sleep at night?”

Now sure, Al Pacino’s character turns out to be the Devil incarnate. But hey–nobody’s perfect.

The point is, he understands Mental Toughness. And he knows that Mental Toughness will make
THE difference when you go from the small time to the big time–when you make that next big leap, whatever it is.

In fact, I’d guess this is why so many people fear making that next big leap.

Because of the “other thing.” Because of the pressure.

Sometimes it’s competing in front of bigger crowds, and dealing with a larger, more critical audience. Sometimes it just means adding something new to a training regimen you’re really comfortable with.

Or it could just be life stuff: a new city, a new job, or a new relationship.

Sure, some people can’t take the pressure. They fold.

Others just happen to be naturals, and they thrive.

But for every success and every failure, countless people hold themselves back from even trying because they know: when the pressure comes, everything will change.

But there’s something they don’t know.

Something even the Devil doesn’t know.

You can train the ability to handle pressure. You can get those chronic stress levels down, so that no matter where you start, you end up thriving on pressure.

Then there’s nothing holding you back.

Doesn’t mean you have to join the Devil’s firm.

But hey–that’s your choice ;).

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