“Your mindset and mental toughness determine how you approach everything in your life—and how it approaches you.”

From The Mental Toughness Manifesto:

“Every day, every challenge, every encounter, every victory and defeat, is processed through the central computer of your mind. The entire universe you live in is colored and conditioned by it. As long as you’re alive, there’s no outside your mind.

Mindset and mental toughness are the two main variables that determine how your specific mental computer processes the world. They frame it, define the limits of what’s possible or impossible, likely or unlikely, and most of the time, they determine victory or defeat, long before the battle even starts.

Your mind can be your worst enemy or an almost supernatural helper along your path. It all depends on how you have your head screwed on.

Here’s the good news: You can train mindset and mental toughness.

In fact, you’d better.

Because without focus, motivation, resilience, confidence, and all the other qualities associated with mental toughness, it doesn’t matter how strong, healthy, wealthy or smart you are. It’s just a matter of time before strong enough wind comes along to blow you off the map.

There are very specific, technical methods you can use to train your mindset and mental toughness to an extremely high level, in the same way that you would train any other aspect of training—strength, speed, or conditioning.

But the way most people deal with mental toughness and mindset—if they deal with it at all—is less like an athlete training for excellence, and more like an injured person suffering through physical therapy. They deal with it only when they absolutely have to, usually once it’s already an emergency, and usually in the spirit of “fixing” something that’s “broken,” just trying to get back to neutral.  

The athlete, on the other hand, is always striving for excellence, pushing the boundaries and gaining ground. That’s the way to think about training your mind. From the point of view of the average self-help consumer on Zoloft, that may seem radical. But from the point of view of the athletic spirit, it’s simply obvious.

In fact, this is how many ancient people approached training the mind. But we’ve lost touch with that ideal.

And given the times we’re in, we’d better get back in touch with it.

Because if we can resurrect and embrace that attitude and apply ourselves to it, we’ll be giving ourselves and our culture a whole new toolbox. It’s a step forward in our personal and cultural evolution, maybe even our evolution as a species…”

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What Is NRW?

Whatever your sport or skill level, Neuromuscular Release Work (NRW) can improve your game and life dramatically by blasting your tensions and releasing the primal energies within. If you're looking to improve your mental toughness, competition readiness, focus, motivation, and turn your nerves into confidence, NRW can help.


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