The Secret Science of Mindset:
How to Train Your Brain for Mental Toughness

What would your life be like with an invincible mindset? Imagine being able to stay calm and dominant, relaxed and in control, no matter how stressful the situation.

That's what this ebook gives you: a scientific method for training your brain to get the primal power of a beast and the relaxed focus of a Zen master.

Most problems come down to mindset. Think of this as the manual for transforming your own nervous system for maximum mental toughness and peak performance, in all areas of lifeAnd it's available at the special price of only $7.

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This book teaches you everything you need to know about the science of mindset....and gives you
the only m
ental toughness training technique you'll ever need.

“Riley is the real deal when it comes to training your mind for performance. As a coach, this is something I will definitely have my own athletes doing for improved performance.
This is some next level stuff.”

Travis Stoetzel - and

Unleash the Ancient Power of Your Nervous System

Your brain holds the key to massive transformation in your mental toughness. Most mental training methods focus on some form of positive thinking, affirmation, or visualization - techniques that usually fail to produce significant results. To make real leaps and bounds in your mindset, you need to reprogram your physical brain into a mental toughness machine, and unleash the primal energies within the nervous system. The Secret Science of Mindset will show you how. 

The Ultimate Brain Hack

When you hack your brain and rewire it for Alpha status, all the other qualities - confidence, focus, motivation, leadership ability, high energy and deep relaxation - come naturally, all by themselves. Inside each of us are the primal energies necessary to initiate this radical transformation. The Secret Science of Mindset will show you how to access these energies, release them from deep, chronic neromuscular tensions in your body, and give you the essence of mental toughness: high energy and low stress - the two most important parameters for peak performance in all areas of life.

A Word From The Author

"I've dedicated my life to exploring and experimenting with mental training techniques, ancient and modern, and working intensively with masters of mental toughness whose methods have been passed down through the generations. Now I've made it my mission to bring what I've learned to the world. This book is the result of that adventure.”